Reply To: 2023 CHAIN EVENT

Victoria ElliotVictoria Elliot

    I also do revisions on my Kindle, Cheryl. I just got a Kindle Scribe. I love it, thought the way notes work is different, so that was an adjustment, but it definitely made the read-through go a lot quicker.

    I got stuck at my first POV switch and didn’t write on Thursday. Last night, I realized I need to step back and do some planning. I thought I could just start writing and things would come to me, but it’s not working. I’m never a super-detailed planner, but I do need to have some concrete ideas. So, that’s my goal for today. Get my ideas into a more solid state and maybe I can get back on track.

    If you remember the speaker’s name, Laura, I’d also be interested in her book.

    I hope everyone has a productive weekend!