Reply To: Week 1 of 2023 🎉

Victoria ElliotVictoria Elliot

    Thanks for sharing your goals for this year, as well as a look back at last year, Cheryl. Putting it out there isn’t always easy.

    2022: I don’t actually remember my goal at the beginning of the year, which probably means I wasn’t completely focused/invested in it, but I ended the year with a solid draft of my Regency, which became a goal sometime in the fall. It’s with a couple of beta readers now, and I am anxious for their feedback. I have a couple of other people I may ask for feedback, and then I want to send it off to the editor who requested a full.
    I had another full manuscript request for one of my romantic suspense books last year. I needed to finish it up, which I did, but then when I went back through and saw how much work it still needed, I kind of let it drop and never sent it to the requesting editor. Sigh.

    2023: I’d like to write a second Regency romance, finish a Regency novella I started last summer, and get the romantic suspense revised and ready to go.
    I also need to come up with a story to finish my romantic suspense series. I set it up for each of three siblings to have their own story. The first two came to me no problem. The third one is stuck in neutral. If anyone likes and/or needs to brainstorm, I’d be up for a virtual get together.
    This seems like a lot considering how slow I work, which brings me to my other goal. I want to learn to be more efficient, and I’m thinking I might take Becca Syme’s Write Better Faster class in March.