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Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Happy New Year, Cheryl, Dory and Victoria!

    Despite poor health and three hospitals stays of a week or more each in the latter half of last year, I managed to get my collection of short historical fiction published. That was my main goal for 2022. I also published a short story. And in December, I started working on revising and editing the women’s fiction novels that I wrote and just let sit there.

    I had edited and revised all of them a few times, but not enough.

    One of those novels is a coming-of-age story set on the Windward Side of the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu. It’s the very first novel that I wrote. After taking many writing workshops and writing several more novels, I put that first novel aside thinking it’s not good enough to bother with. But in looking it over again, I like it even though it needs a great deal of revising and editing.

    My primary goal in 2023 is to revise and edit it until it can be submitted to a publisher. There is a publisher in Honolulu that publishes fiction and non fiction. Everything they publish has to have something to do with Hawaii. Fiction must take place in Hawaii. My goal is to submit my novel to this publisher.

    My secondary goal is to revise and edit my other novels that I have been just letting sit on my hard drive. I may query agents with them. Then, again, I may self publish.

    After spending so much time -nearly two years – on the collection of short stories I wrote writing new stories just doesn’t seem to interest me. I’m just drawing a blank on coming up with new story ideas. But that’s okay because I clearly need to be working on my novels to bring them to the point in which they can be published.

    I’m going to be 73 years old this year. I hope I have enough time left in this life to get all of my novels published. Except for the one that takes place on Oahu, I may self publish the rest of them. If each one takes 2 years, I will be into my 80s before they’re all published! If I last that long.

    So, I’ll keep plugging away editing and revising those novels and do as much as I can in the amount of time that I have left. I”m not one of those people who retires and then has nothing to do!

    In 2023, one of my goals is to post here in the Productivity Forum more than I have been. Going in and out of the hospital completely derailed me and it’s time to get back on track.

    Wishing everyone a very happy and successful new year!


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