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Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Hi, Cheryl,

    Thank you for your supports – we certainly appreciate you.

    I’m hanging in there working on editing my novels and am wishing I hadn’t let them sit there on my hard drive for so long without working on them. I’ve finished a round of editing on one of them. I’ll need to go back over it again to address issues I’ve made comments on. I am working on two more of them, revising to show more and tell less and making comments on places that need to be worked on more when I start to get overwhelmed. I’ll need to go back later and address those issues. Mostly its a case where I must phrase things better.

    In both of the ones I’m working on now, the “replied” is up there with my most over used words.

    On the one hand, I’m a little depressed because it feels like it’ll take me the rest of my life to shape these novels up and get them published. On the other hand, I’m grateful that that give me a purpose in life and something to do. How often do we hear of people who retire and then have nothing to do once they don’t have the routine of a job to keep them busy. That certainly hasn’t been the case for me.

    I was really glad after COVID restricted us because writing gave me something to do.

    Well, that’s about it for this past week. Have a good week, Cheryl and everyone.


    I now see I’ve learned a lot since I wrote them.