Reply To: Week 2 Check-in ❄️

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Jeanne, when I look back at some of my writing, I have to remind myself to be gentle. Some of the mistakes I made back then I wouldn’t dream of making now. Think of how much knowledge and skill you’ll bring to the projects.
    Also, there was an RWA conference workshop about “writing your id” and how we’re better at doing that when we first start out, before the inner editor takes over. So, there are good things about not knowing what we’re doing sometimes. 😉

    Dory, yay for keeping your chain! 🙂
    I’ve never heard of that yule log superstition. You come across the most interesting things. Do you think it was in one of your classes? Maybe you can find it in your notes?

    I’ve kept my chain intact. It was a near thing some days, but I did it! My goal this week is 14 chapters edited. I need to be finished in time to send it off to another proofreader and have it ready to submit for preorder.
    I’m also keeping my daily minimum goal of 15 min, so I’m tracking both for now.