Reply To: 2023 CHAIN EVENT

Victoria ElliotVictoria Elliot

    Happy Friday!!!!

    My chain has been broken a few times, but I am slowly making progress with my story and getting myself organized.

    I’ve spent the last two nights trying to figure out Scrivener. Somehow, I pushed through the initial frustration, and I think I’ve set it up in a way that will be useful. I’ve migrated all of my planning organizers into Scrivener in the form of scene templates, and I think I’ve got the project organized it in a way that will work for me. I probably won’t know how functional it is until I get in and really start going, but I’m optimistic. It will be nice to finally have all of my stuff in one place. Last night, I started building a character profile for my heroine in Scrivener.

    One of my beta readers has been sending me batches of notes, so I’ve started to go through those as well. I suspect some of my time this weekend will be spent working on that.

    Cheryl, your post made me stop and think. So often, I set a goal for myself, and even if I do work but don’t meet my daily goal, I think of the chain as having been broken, but it’s not. This is another unhelpful mindset to work on. 😁