Reply To: Week 9 Check-in ☘

Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Hi, Cheryl!

    I’m still working on editing. Finished a round of editing on 3 of my novels, am working on a fourth one, then I have three more to go.

    I finished the short story that I was writing, and then pout aside because I couldn’t think of how to end it. Well, I took my own advice and just sat down and started writing and it came to me. And I also had an idea for another story in this series of short stories. What started out as a single, stand-alone story is now becoming a series of short stories. Maybe I’ll be able to use them as bait to get people to buy them and then hopefully, be interested in buying my books.

    That’s it for last week. This week will be filled with more editing and revising.