FTHRW Instructions for Judges: Hook ’em in 5!

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time to judge our contest! Please return your entries to {INSERT COORDINATOR NAME} no later than {DATE} If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact {COORDINATOR NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS

1.   When you receive your materials, it will contain the author’s cover sheet, 5 pages but no more than 1500 words of the manuscript with the judge score sheet. The entry name and number, and the judge’s number will be on the scoresheet.

2.   When you are finished judging, return the cover sheet, manuscript and score sheet to your coordinator.

3.   RETURN THE ENTRIES anytime before but no later than {TYPE DUE DATE}

PLEASE NOTE: If the entry is not in your wheelhouse or genre you would read or write, remember, please remain non-biased. This isn’t about what you like, but about the author’s writing with regard to the specific judging questions.





Please judge by storytelling quality, not by genre or content–some reject an opening page immediately because of genre, but that’s not a good-enough reason when the point is to analyze for storytelling strength.

Do not concern yourself with format issues your coordinator confirmed proper formatting upon receipt.

DO NOT USE TRACK CHANGES when making comments in the manuscript.

***PLEASE TYPE your comments/suggestions into the text using a different color (blue or red).

***Judge each entry on its own, do not compare to the other entries you’re judging.

***Your writing style is not required here.

“Hook ’em in 5!” scoring goals are to provide useful feedback to contestants. Constructive feedback is also useful. Compliments as well.

Please be conscious of British/Australian/Canadian English rules in spelling and punctuation.

If you run into a problem, please notify {COORDINATOR NAME AND EMAIL} as soon as possible.

PLEASE email your coordinator if you have any questions or if you are unable to properly judge any entry. If you don’t feel you can judge it fairly, please contact your Coordinator immediately. Please don’t return an un-judged entry at the last moment.