Welcome to Workshops!


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All FTHRW Workshops will be presented through Group io. Once you have paid and signed up, you’ll be given an invite to join the Group.


2024 FTHRW Workshop Sign Up Policies


  • FTHRW has a non-refundable workshop policy.
  • All sign ups are final.
  • All workshop attendees are to be respectful of the instructor and the fellow attendees or removal from the workshop without a refund will occur.
  • All workshops are monitored. If there is an issue with the instructor or another workshop attendee, please contact a board member first before addressing the issue in the workshop forum.
  • Contact the VP of Programs at workshop@fthrw.com
  • Once payment is made, log in credentials will be sent a few days prior to class.
  • You can visit the workshop at your convenience to read the lessons and participate in the discussion and homework. Before the workshop closes for workshop participants, it is also important to note that at the end of the workshop, typically within the next couple days, all participants, messages and lectures will be removed, so if there is a message or lecture you can’t find in your Email, and need to look in Group io, please do so as soon as possible.

Any questions, please contact the Workshop Chair at Workshops@fthrw.com or VPProg1@fthrw.com