Member and Non-member Workshop Registration

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You can register for any of our regular Workshops below:


It’s a two step process.


How it works:


1. Click the Buy Now button for the class you want.


2. Pay for the class in PayPal, note your confirmation number. You will be brought back to THIS page to finish registering. Your registration is not complete if you close out after PayPal.


3. Once you are brought back to this page go to the bottom of the page and enter the course name, confirmation number, and the name and email you wish to use for it. If you do not complete this step, we will have your money, and no way to build you a log in. Therefore, you will have no way to access the class.

4. 1-2 Weeks before the class you will receive a log in.


Step One: Select and pay for your class.


Horses for Authors with Kathryn Jane – February 2020 – 4 Week Online Workshop – $25.00     

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Self Publishing: Easy as ABC with Meredith Bond – March 2020 – 2 Week Online Workshop – $15.00


Creating a Simple Starter Website with Merien Grey – April 2020 – 4 Week Online Workshop – $25.00


Step Two: Give us the information to build your log in. Once you submit this information your registration is complete.