2023 Retreat Schedule


This is a preliminary schedule. All events will be held in Zoom. Attendees will be sent access information prior to workshop

Event Details

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Kickoff Meeting: Join us for the inaugural event of our first-ever online writing retreat! Get to know your hosts and fellow attendees in this short 30-minute meeting.

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Writing Sprints: Let’s put a dent in our word counts together. We will be holding multiple guided sprints throughout the weekend.

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Line Edit like a Pro: Polishing your prose can be a daunting task. Whether you’re shaping up your words to send off to an editor or doing your own stylistic pass, the line-editing phase is crucial to crafting and maintaining a strong writing voice that can make or break your brand. But where do you start? How much is too much? When is it smart to tweak a line, and when should you let the words rest?

In this 60-minute webinar, editor Sue Brown-Moore will walk you through the basics of stylistically improving your work at the line level. At the end of the session, you’ll have a takeaway checklist of line-editing techniques you can use for all your future story drafts.

Join the Line Edit like a Pro webinar and learn how to focus on the line-level style changes that matter most without getting mired in the fiddly details.

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Story Power Hour with Sue Brown-Moore: Stuck on a story choice? Need a little help straightening out a plot snarl? Or just want to watch a developmental editor in action? Come to the Story Power Hour with Sue Brown-Moore.

During this 60-minute working session, Sue will take turns consulting one-on-one with four authors to shape up their current work-in-progress or brainstorm a new story idea. Each 15-minute consultation will be visible to all attendees, so even if you don’t get a turn in the hot seat, you can still take away valuable insight to power up your own working draft.

Hot seat participants will be chosen from a list of applications. Specific details on how to sign up for the opportunity will be available during the retreat.


Wine Social: Join us and unwind for the day with a wine social where we can chat and discuss whatever is on our minds. Wine optional!

Trivia!: Ready to take a break and meet other attendees? Join us for romance trivia. There will be prizes and lots of fun!

Coffee Social: A laid-back session where you can get together with other attendees and discuss your progress over the weekend and other topics.

Closing Ceremonies: Our final event of the weekend. We encourage you to attend and give us your feedback on how the weekend went. We will be announcing prize winners too!