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The cost to non-members for most FTHRW full length workshops and special event webinars is $25.

The cost of our annual membership giving an author access to ALL our workshops, most webinars, forums, and programs for free for the rolling twelve months after they join is $30.

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Registration for FTH Members

There is no registration process for FTH members to participate in our workshops. You can access the current and last few workshops anytime by simply going to the Ongoing and Upcoming Workshops menu after logging in with your member log in. To locate workshops, go to the Workshops menu, then onto the Ongoing and Upcoming Workshop menu, then select the workshop forum for the workshop you wish to view/attend. Click on the forum, to get emails direct to the email you have provided FTH simply click the big red subscribe button at the top. You can comment and participate in the class by logging into the site or subscribing and doing so from your personal email. Workshops will be visible on the Ongoing and Upcoming Workshops menu 60-90 prior to scheduled start, you may subscribe anytime. It’s free.


Registration for Non-Members is a TWO step process.

1. Click below on the Buy Now for the appropriate class, go to PayPal, and pay. You will be brought back to our site to fill out a short registration form.

2. FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM. This form is where you provide the information you want us to use to build your credentials (class log in). For your security and ours, the web team and workshop staff do not have access to billing information. Therefore, the information we require to give you access to the class must be provided separately. No completed registration form, no class access. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Once both steps are complete, you will receive your class credentials, a link to the forum tutorial, and instructions 5-10 DAYS PRIOR to your class start date.


4 – 31 January 2021

Registration Deadline for Non-Members: 1 January 2021



Non-Members: $25


For non-members, please click the Buy Now button to pay for the class, once you pay, you will then be forwarded to the class registration form. COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM AND SUBMIT IT, SO WE HAVE THE INFORMATION REQUIRED TO BUILD YOUR LOG IN. Your log in credentials will be sent a few days prior to class beginning.


Class Description:
You’ve done it! You have reached the end of your draft. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was all you had to do?
Unless you are a wonder writer, your initial draft will not be perfect. So, what comes next? The monumental and time consuming task of revising.
In this class Zara will give tips and guidance on how to make that task tameable and reasonable.
The course is focused on keeping the task of revision to a thirty day prospect so you can move on and continue to progress with your work.


About the Instructor:
Joan Bouza Koster is an award-winning author in both fiction and non-fiction who loves to mentor writers. Under the pen name, Zara West, she has published the award winning romantic thriller series The Skin Quartet and is a long-time member of FTHRW’s critique group. The first two books in her new series Write for Success: Fast Draft Your Manuscript and Get It Done and Revise Your Draft and Make It Shine have just been released by Short Fuse Productions.



The 2021 Workshop Schedule is in it’s final approval stages and is currently on track to be posted in the next ten to twenty days.

Please come back in a week or so see our amazing line up for 2021.



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