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Please log in below with one of the following credentials:


1. Your FTH User Log in

Your FTHRW log in is First Name _ Last Name (that’s first name underscore last name no spaces) and the password we sent you, you can refresh/reset this at any time with the “Forgot Password” link below the log in boxes. If you are a non-member, chapter credentials will be sent at least 24 hours prior to the workshop beginning.




2. Your Personal Email

You can use the email you used to register for the workshop or join the chapter with and the password that goes with that email. As in, if my normal email is that is my user name and whatever my password is with yahoo is the password.


If neither options works for you please contact FTH webteam member Merien Grey at and put Workshop Log In Issue in the subject line. Please and thanks.

Once you log in here, all items you are registered for or are eligible to take if you are a member should be visible under the workshops menu.


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