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FTHRW is an online only chapter of Romance Writer’s of America. We have around 200 members. We sponsor online workshops on a variety of topics for chapter members as well as non-chapter participants.

All workshops are open to all members, the number of active participants varies based on topic and interest.

Instructors will conduct classes in our private forums on this website. Tutorials are provided. Each lesson will need to be posted as a topic with a PDF file attached.

Instructors must provide us with a short biography and description about the course that we will post on our website to attract participants.

We advertise on various writer’s loops as well as social medai (both RWA and non-RWA. We encourage instructors to advertise on their own platforms as well. Depending on the situation, we place an ad about our workshops in RWR.

Honorariums are based on class length and subject, and are negotiated independently based on the class curriculum and structure. Lecture style classes work best in our forums. If you have a highly interactive class, those will need to be arranged with the forum administrator on how to best proceed and set up the class. In other words, they may work but there will likely be some additional administration time and communication required.

Classes taught with us should not be taught two months prior, simultaneously, or two months after with other online organizations.

Please use the form below to submit your contact information, biography, course description and payment preferences to the FTHRW Workshop Committee.

Any questions, please email:

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