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Members of FTHRW receive our annual schedule of online workshops and some special event webinars for FREE!
For anyone wishing to take a course with us, please note, our annual dues are $25. Those dues secure access to ALL online courses for the duration of your membership and most of our special events for the year of your membership, should you wish to purchase one. The cost of each individual course is also $25 for non-members.
If you are interested in more than one course this year and would like to become a member, please click the following URL and fill out the application form:, then you will be prompted to pay for your membership through PayPal. Within two days, you will receive an email from Word Press with your log in for the website. All our chapter discussions, specialty groups, and workshops are conducted on private forums on Your website log in will give you access to our discussion boards and workshops. We also have several private groups you may request to be added to, like our Storm Plotters group, Critique group or Productivity group.
If you do NOT wish to become a member and wish to take a single workshop, please fill out the form below. Upon payment (depending on how early or late you register) between two and ten days prior to the start of the workshop, you will receive an email message from Word Press with your log in for our site, Please note, when filling out the form below you MUST include your email address, otherwise we don’t have anyway to deliver your course log in and materials. This is an online chapter: all of our workshops are conducted via email.
Once you receive your credentials, please go to, then proceed to the workshop menu. The first two options there are the Workshop tutorial and a workshop log in option. Use the credentials with the workshop log in and then review the tutorial to get started. The tutorial will explain how to subscribe to and navigate your class.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our web team at


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  • Thank you for joining us for one of our fabulous workshops or webinars! So far you have paid for your class and now it is time to register. If you fail to fill out and submit the form below you WILL NOT receive a login for your class. Please fill in the fields below so our webmasters can generate your log in credentials a few days prior to the class beginning. If your class is starting immediately you will typically get your login in 24 hours or less.
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