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    Robin Matheson

    Sample Annotated Synopsis

    Cats and Dogs by Robie Madison



    This synopsis was written for my original submission when the book was 40,000 words in length. I originally had two publishers in mind and was fortunate enough to have my first option work. Cats and Dogs is now about 60,000 word story—my editor asked me to expand it—so imagine what needs to be filled in to create a complete synopsis now!! The short story Denim and Lace is a sequel, featuring Leah’s sister.


    Does a Business Consultant have what it takes to tempt his fantasy woman into making a commitment beyond a one-night stand and a one-time job?


    [We haven’t talked log or tag lines yet, but here’s one! I always try to have one in a cold call sell and when writing a blurb to hook the reader.]

    Hot shot business consultant DANE MCANDREWS is used to making things happen…his way. And his latest job assisting a growing insurance firm located in Scranton, Pennsylvania to integrate its sales force following the take-over of a small Midwestern insurance company, will require all his people skills to ensure a smooth transition. Burned once early in his career, he’s definitely shy about trusting people he doesn’t know with his business reputation, which is why he’s less than thrilled to discover that his business partner has brought in a rookie to help him.

    [Step 1: In the first paragraph I establish Who the story is about and identify a couple of key traits. Then I state What’s Happening Here—he’s going to a new consulting job. Finally, I plunge into back story revelations to clearly establish Motivation for What’s at Stake—his business reputation.]

    When a freak storm strands him at a motel on route to the job, he doesn’t hesitate to use his charm to make certain he shares the only remaining room with his mousey-looking fellow traveler.

    [Step 2: Inciting Incident—in which I establish his short term Goal.]

    But appearances can be deceiving and Dane’s testosterone skyrockets when “Miss Mouse” ties him to the bed so she can finish what he started. A few days later, Dane arrives at his new job with lingering memories of that one night of mind-blowing, slightly kinky sex to discover that his mystery woman is none other than his temporary business partner.

    [First Major Turning Point: Moving from consulting job to consulting job may be familiar territory for Dane, but romancing his business partner is definitely not. As will soon be made clear, neither of these protagonists is in a familiar place when it comes to their relationship. Major shift in Dane’s Goal—from being downright mad at having to work with someone he doesn’t know and yet trust, he’s now determined to seduce her.]

    Fledgling business consultant Leigh Goodwin is determined to build a solid business reputation by earning a favorable recommendation on the insurance job. So she’s equal parts dismayed and bemused to discover that the man she’s working with is none other than her fantasy lover. Having recently learned her lesson the hard way, she’s determined to keep that one night totally separate from her business relationship with the man.

    [FYI – Fortunately there is a 3 week gap in time here, so this is where I expanded the plot …imagine a few more paragraphs on what happened.<g>]

    However, she soon realizes that Dane has other ideas and she finally agrees to have dinner with him.

    [Step 3: Notice that I am two stages into the Journey before I introduce the next pov character. The whole first quarter of the story is all about Dane so I adjust the plan to accommodate this. Here I quickly establish her Goal and back it up with back story Motivation while making the Conflict she feels clear.]

    But back in his hotel room food is forgotten as he slowly and methodically seduces her, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. In a panic, because she doesn’t yet trust what is happening between them, she rushes off for the weekend to visit her sister.

    [Step 4: Now that both main characters are introduced, I continue telling events, switching back and forth between the two.]

    Left on his own, Dane can’t believe after three patient weeks of teaching her his touch and then losing himself in her that he’s blown his chance with Leigh. Somewhere inside his prissy partner is the sensual wild woman he had sex with in a motel. Determined to prove that their time together was more than a one-night fantasy, he wears one of the silk restraints she used to tie him to the bed, to work.

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    Robin Matheson


    Sample Annotated Synopsis

    Good Enough For You by Robie Madison


    When an accident leaves him a paraplegic, Brent Chadwick’s love of life helps him to overcome the challenges of the ensuing anger and despair. Three years later, he’s put his life back together—almost. But erotic dreams of Daisy McDermot, his ex-fiancée, remind him he has one piece of unfinished business to take care of.

    When his life spiraled out of control after the accident, he abruptly broke off his engagement, believing it was the best for them both. But now, after seeing her at a restaurant with another man, he’s determined to apologize for his callous behavior. And to satisfy his need to make sure that she is doing okay.

    [Step 1: In the first sentence, I establish Who the story is about, the Prime Motivating Event that still affects Brent’s current situation and a key character trait. In the next two sentences, I establish What’s Happening Here—Brent has been dreaming about  his ex-fiancée and feels he has unfinished business. In the second paragraph I establish What is at Stake by filling in a bit of back story, which supplies the Motivation for his Goal.]

    Unfortunately, when he shows up at her front door, Daisy barely speaks to him. Worse, the man she was with at the restaurant appears, giving her an excuse to dismiss Brent and retreat inside her house. Frustrated, Brent leaves, but not before he learns that the man is Daisy’s tenant. What’s more the man gives Brent a spark of hope, intimating he stands a chance of winning Daisy back.

    [Step 2: In this paragraph I introduce the Inciting Incident and tell what happens as a result. Since this is a romance, it’s critical that I establish that the rival isn’t and that Brent’s Goal could expand. Remember, his initial Goal is to apologize and make sure Daisy is okay, not to rekindle the romance.]

    Daisy McDermot is no wallflower. But the shock of seeing her ex-fiancé on her doorstep, forces her to retreat. The sight of him in a wheelchair opens painful wounds she’d rather forget.

    Unable to help herself, memories of their first meeting across a crowded ballroom flood her thoughts. Though they didn’t even speak or touch each other, the evening was explosively sensuous. Afterward, Brent continued to storm her defenses, tracking her down and inviting her to dinner the following evening. Smitten, yet determined to teach him she wasn’t the type to take orders, at the end of the meal Daisy slipped under the table and, hidden by the table cloth, gave Brent an erotic blowjob.

    [Step 3 + 4: Here I now introduce the next pov character, Daisy. Please note that although I developed sentences defining each of these characters’ traits, in this story the past event of the accident that left Brent a paraplegic and the choices these two people made as a result, is the driving force behind this relationship. So Daisy’s reaction to Brent showing up on her doorstep is more important to my goal in selling the story. Next, this story also contains a series of flashbacks chronicling the past relationship. Here I tell what happened during the first event where they met.

    This flashback forms the First Major Turning Point—explaining how these two ended up in the ‘unfamiliar’ place of a relationship with its own rules. What is the shift in Goal? Meeting again reawakens the possibility of a relationship for both characters.]

    Now, resolved to try again, Brent shows up at Daisy’s house. But instead of meeting with her, he discovers a shocking secret. One kept by Daisy and members of his family—he has a son.

    [Crisis—where Brent learns a secret and faces a deep psychological vulnerability about the choices he made while recovering from the accident.]

    Warned by Brent’s sister-in-law that Brent now knows about his son, Daisy prepares herself for their inevitable meeting. Though she can’t deny she still loves Brent, she isn’t sure she can trust him again. She vividly recalls their decision, a few short weeks before their wedding date, to try to conceive. At the time she believed Brent would stand by her no matter what. The intervening years of single parenthood have taught her to value her strength and independence.

    [Crisis—where Daisy relives the event that led to deep emotional and physical vulnerability—her pregnancy. Here the rebirth is one into single parenthood.

    The shift in Goal for Brent is to take responsibility for his past choices, freeing him to face the final test of re-claiming Daisy. For Daisy, her strength and independence means she’s not going to settle for less than she deserves.]

    When Brent arrives at Daisy’s house, he quickly realizes that, if he wants to win her back, he has to face his demons. For the first time, he talks openly about his anger and fear following the accident. He persuades her to cuddle, but Daisy demands all or nothing and heads for her bedroom.

    [Climax—where protagonist faces his inner self.]

    Despite his anxiety over his physical limitations, he seizes this chance to bond with Daisy. The old spark ignites a sensual heat between them, but the connection goes far deeper than the physical as each of them reveals their vulnerabilities and they discuss their fears.

    Climax continues—as Brent and Daisy confront each other in the bedroom and face physical and emotional hurdles together.]

    Filled with a new hope for the future, Daisy invites Brent to meet his son.

    [Resolution—strong suggestion that a family will be reunited.]

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    Robin Matheson

    Sample Annotated Synopsis

    Body Art by Robie Madison

    Notation: It was a condition of the publisher to submit a synopsis with a story, but the synopsis was not used to sell the story. I would tighten this up if I were going to use it to sell.

    Fifty-something high school shop teacher Cass McCarthy loves her power tools. She can build, dismantle or fix anything. Anything that is except herself.

    A year ago Cass heard the one word no one ever wants to hear. The cancer is gone, but somewhere along the way she lost touch with herself.

    [Step 1: In the first sentence I establish Who the story is about and a key trait about this character. Since this story was written for a specific theme of Boomer, I make sure to mention that Cass is over fifty. I then establish that all is not right in Cass’ world by revealing the Prime Motivating Event that now affects her. The final sentence establishes What is at Stake—this woman has lost touch with herself.]

    One blustery Saturday afternoon in April, Cass attends an invitation only exhibit hosted by her best friend who owns a trendy gallery located amid Toronto’s west-end art scene. While admiring a park bench sculpture made from bumpers, a waitress in a tux offers Cass a glass of champagne. But appearances are deceiving as Cass soon discovers. The waitress is really naked and the tux is skillfully painted body art. Cass is intrigued, yet certain she could never expose herself in such a way. Nor is she able to adequately articulate her feelings toward a painting of an orange wobbly line.

    Her reaction to a massive piece of installation art, though, is immediate and instinctive—she runs out of the gallery. Confronted by her concerned friend, Cass reluctantly accepts a business card with an address written on the back.

    [Step 2: The next two paragraphs establish What’s Happening Here—Cass is at an art exhibit. I spend some time on this event in the synopsis because it sets up 1. location, 2. where and what, and 3. the theme of body art as a camouflage and expression of liberation. What about Goal and Motivation? One of the issues as the story starts is that Cass doesn’t know how to ‘fix’ herself. By telling her reactions to various art pieces I suggest this. And finally these paragraphs set up the Inciting Incident.]

    The address leads her to the door of a body art studio. Without any clear expectations, Cass enters the studio and is instantly attracted to the tall, bald and fascinating owner. The feeling seems to be mutual as Evan backs her into a wall and she experiences an intense flow of energy, which makes her feel alive for the first time in a long while.

    [Step 4: This short novella has only one pov, that of Cass McCarthy, so I can skip Step 3 and begin telling the story chronologically—by introducing the romantic interest.]

    It takes only a little longer for Cass to realize that she’s been flirting with this sexy man. She may have lost touch with her body’s signals, but her body remembers exactly what to do. When Evan counters all her objections with challenges of his own, she finally agrees to ‘get naked’ for a bodypainting session. Too many things have changed in her life and she’s desperate to discover who she’s become.

    [First Major Turning Point: Evan’s challenge propels Cass into an unfamiliar place mainly in a psychological and emotional sense. From being sort of Goal-less, she now has a clear Goal—to rediscover herself.]

    That doesn’t mean Cass isn’t intimidated by the experience. But the repartee and Evan’s determination soon have Cass sharing family secrets and shedding the little black robe. Yet when Evan pulls her into an embrace, Cass panics. Initially reluctant because she fears it will ‘kill the mood,’ with some coaxing, she tells him about the two surgeries and the cancer.

    [This may be a sensual romance, but What The Story Itself is Actually About is Cass’ journey of self-discovery and so I make sure to chart the significant plot points that indicate her growth.]

    Scared and exhilarated, she relaxes into Evan’s embrace and he urges her to recognize her beauty. Initially disappointed that he only plans to use one tube of yellow finger paint, Cass realizes that she must trust the artist and the process. Evan plunges her hands in the paint and with his hands guiding hers, they begin to paint her belly. Cass is soon seduced by the sensual experience. But when the painting is finished and Cass looks in the mirror, she is stunned to see a uterus and fallopian tubes painted low on her belly where they’d once been inside her.

    Once again her reaction is instinctive and swift—she fights. She’s able to catch Evan off guard with an elbow to the gut and keeps swinging punches until he’s able to subdue her. When she tries to knee him in the groin, he falls to the floor, taking her with him and thus ends the battle. Shaken, Cass burrows herself in his arms until he makes the mistake of reassuring her that she’s safe. Lifting her paint streaked face, she tells him she’s not.

    After a brief interlude to clean their hands, Evan stretches out beside her on the floor. And she confesses. Despite a fairly healthy and active lifestyle, she feels betrayed from the inside by the insidious disease that invaded her. Once again Evan challenges her newfound assumption, telling her that life is unpredictable and that no one is safe.

    [Crisis: The painting they’ve drawn on her belly forces Cass to confront a deep psychological vulnerability about her belief about herself. Evan’s challenge opens the way to a rebirth of self.]

    He silences her protest with a kiss, only to break it off moments later. He wants her in the moment, not thinking about it. But it’s soon clear that Cass is hiding her fears behind the banter. This is the first time she’s been intimate since her surgery and she’s unsure how far she is willing or even able to go.

    Reassured, she once again surrenders to Evan’s intense exploration of her body. [Shift in Goal = to a deeper level of self-discovery.] He brings her to climax orally and then announces he plans to paint her. When he’s finished, Cass realizes that she has actually lived the experience in the moment.

    [Climax: Cass must face her inner self to find the strength to go forward, however awkwardly, with an intimate relationship + foreshadowed in the opening scene, liberate herself by surrendering to a full bodypainting experience.]

    What’s more, the intricate designs now covering her body intrigue her and she questions Evan about them. After some hesitation, he tells her a little about his single unwed mother, who died of cancer shortly after he graduated from university.

    [Climax continued: Although I don’t give Evan his own pov, by having him reveal inner truths to Cass I explain his sensitivity to her situation and why they make a good match.]

    Personal confessions aside, Evan invites Cass to his upstairs apartment. Their conversation suggests both of them want to pursue a relationship. He confesses that he’s been waiting a long time to find the right canvas for his vision of the ancient goddess. She asks for a moment alone. Looking in the mirror one final time, she sees and understands the power of the design and its connection to her. In a final text message to her friend, she declares: ‘I’m going to be okay.’

    [Resolution: Cass and her self-image are now in sync. Oh, and the romantic relationship looks very promising, too. LOL]

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    Robin Matheson

    Sample Synopsis

    The Man of Her Dreams by Robie Madison


    Workaholic web designer Megan Jones might prefer being sensible and practical in her everyday life, but it is in her dreams that she truly lives. And yet the dichotomy within her dream world couldn’t be more startling. Since the age of five, she’s been terrified by a recurring nightmare of a wild stallion that has left her with an acute case of equinophobia. Over the years she’s been able to rationalize the terror as her subconscious attempt to both escape and confront the stresses in her life.

    But there is no rational explanation for the sensual lover who has visited her in her dreams since her mid-teens. He is her private fantasy and her protector against the nightmares. That is until she inherits a Victorian locket containing a portrait of the very man who is her dream lover. Despite the fear that she might lose him if she discovers the truth, her determination to uncover the secret of Owain’s identity and with it the reason he visits her in her dreams, leads her to her mother’s hometown of Trefriw in Wales.

    [Okay, this is a NOVELLA, but look how much time I take to 1. introduce Megan’s character + 2. give you a comprehensive run down of her back story, which leads directly to her GOAL and MOTIVATION. The story actually opens with Megan having a nightmare of the stallion and then we learn why she’s in Trefriw. So the INCITING INCIDENT that’s driven her to Wales was actually “off stage”.]

    Her first evening in the village, she’s stunned when she comes face-to-face with an Owain look-alike in a pub. She’s even more shocked when the man admits to being her dream lover. Now wondering if they are linked by some sort of psychic bond, Megan nevertheless glories in the sensory pleasures so long denied by their ethereal dream forms. This Owain is most definitely the real thing—a fact he more than aptly proves during a sensual encounter in the woods behind the pub. Almost afraid to believe this too isn’t a dream, Megan accepts Owain’s offer of a date the next day.

    [Here’s the INCITING INCIDENT that starts the “real time” romance.]

    Owain Deverell, a Fairy of noble birth, was punished 170 years ago by the Fairy Queen and transformed into a shape shifting water horse because he refused to give up the mortal woman he was courting. Constantly shifting from human to horse forms and bound to the shores of the Conwy River near the Welsh town of Trefriw, he’s grown weary of his existence.

    Determined to break the curse and live as a mortal with Megan Jones, an ancestor of the woman he once pursued and whom he now loves, Owain strikes a bargain with the Fairy Queen. Although she disapproves of him hiding his true nature, she grants him three days in human form to win Megan Jones’ unconditional love or he’ll revert permanently to his equine appearance. The very form that has so terrorized Megan all these years, which is why he seeks to protect her from the truth.

    [Again, a long “pause” as I set up the intricacies of Owain’s back story, which is vitally important to understanding his GOAL and the MOTIVATION behind it. This is actually the First Major Turning Point—propelling Owain into an unfamiliar place as fully human (and a liar by omission) and by turn this complicates Megan’s understanding of what’s happening.]

    The next morning, Megan accompanies Owain on a picnic beside the river not far from his farm. Putting aside her questions about his connection to the picture in the locket, Megan once again revels in the pleasure of Owain’s touch. Their erotic encounter is far more potent than the sensual experiences of their shadow-selves in her dreams. And, irresistibly, she begins to learn a little more about the man himself. By the time the picnic is over she admits she’s falling hard and fast for the man and accepts his invitation to return to his farm.

    [Finally, I’m telling the story…]

    As they are about to leave, their idyll is interrupted by the appearance of a strange woman on horseback and Megan panics. Owain, however, recognizes the meddlesome Fairy Queen in disguise. Casting a cloaking spell over the horse before his secret is exposed he takes Megan back to the village, intent on safeguarding her. Sneaking into her room at the B&B, he savors the chance to spend a night making love to the woman he loves, free, however temporarily, from the curse that forces him to shift his form.

    [Crisis moment— definitely a moment of physical and psychological vulnerability for Megan, the scene again shows the extent of Megan’s fear. This is also a vulnerable moment for Owain, as his secret could be exposed and his plan ruined. The ‘rebirth’ is the love scene that follows, strengthening the bonds between lovers.]

    Quite willing to continue their dalliance the next day, Megan agrees to meet Owain at his farm later in the morning. Up to now she’s ignored her pursuit of Owain’s connection with the portrait in the locket. But when the proprietor of the B&B insists she sit and drink a cup of tea, Megan unexpectedly discovers the legend of the water horse in a book on Welsh folklore and realizes Owain is one of these creatures.

    Confronting him at his farm with the evidence in the book and the locket, he finally, if very reluctantly, admits a curse turned him into a creature of legend. Instead of being horrified, Megan is actually immensely relieved to have at last uncovered the truth behind her nightmares. However, before she can ask about the curse, she falls into a drugged sleep, caused by the interference of the Fairy Queen, this time disguised as the proprietor of the B&B. While asleep she experiences a sensual dream encounter with Owain who declares his love.

    Hours later, she wakes to discover Owain gone and the farm mysteriously in disrepair. Instinctively knowing that Owain was really saying goodbye in her dream, she races to the river, arriving just as the sun sets. Before her eyes, Owain transforms into the wild stallion of her nightmares.

    Recognizing the dreams are no longer enough now that she’s met the man, she resolves not to give him up without a fight. Conquering her terror, she mounts Owain who, as a mythical water horse, is compelled to take her to the land of the Tylwyth Teg. Arriving in the Fairy kingdom, Megan formally accuses the Fairy Queen of interfering with the terms of the bargain and she and Owain are granted an extension of one night to break the curse.

    After crossing the threshold of his home, Owain transforms once again, this time into his true fairy form. Despite her awe at the sight of his massive wings—and his naked body—Megan finally admits aloud that no matter his form she loves him. Faced with the hard evidence of Megan’s bravery in mounting a horse and challenging the Fairy Queen, Owain acknowledges his folly in trying to hide his true self. No longer hiding behind secrets and fears, Megan and Owain pleasure each other.

    [Climax moment—Obviously, Megan’s decision to ride Owain in horse form…and journey to the Fairy kingdom is a supreme test of facing her nightmare. But notice that she is able to confront her phobia because she’s learned the truth—and her reaction to the discovery of who Owain is is totally different from what Owain expected. This is a good example of how characters are instrumental in creating their own problems because of their limited point of view of a situation. Owain’s transformation within his home into Fairy form is a revelation of his true self and self-knowledge of his folly in trying to hide who he was from the woman he loves.]

    Later, Owain at last reveals his connection to Megan’s ancestor to whom he gave the locket. When Megan learns that her relative’s love affair with Owain ended because she refused to leave her home to live in the Fairy realm, Megan is forced to confess she too is unwilling to leave her world. Nor does she quite believe Owain when he tells her he plans to live with her and wonders how they’ll ever be together.

    The next morning, when Megan is ordered to return to the mortal world, Owain freely relinquishes his status in the Fairy realm to be with her. He has recognized the second chance at true love he’s been given in discovering Megan. Overriding Megan’s protest, he tells her that his life is meaningless if he cannot share it with her.

    [Notice how I keep each character’s motivations uppermost as they work through their issues to reach a HEA. Even though this is a very sensuous erotic romance, unlike Cats and Dogs, where I do keep a focus on the developments in the romance, here I chose to detail the intricacies of the paranormal element that is unique to this story.]

    Landing on the shores of the Conwy River, Owain discovers the curse is broken—he is mortal, able at last, to live with the woman he loves.

    [Resolution—which also answers the Story ?, which is not actually “asked” until Chapter 2 when the story finally switches to Owain’s pov. Why did I wait so long? Because it was important, I felt, for the story to make sense, to clearly establish the human Megan’s struggles and terrors with her nightmare before revealing the “other side” of the equation.]

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    Robin Matheson

    Annotated Sample Synopsis

    Keeping Faith by Robin Matheson


    <u>Notation</u>: This Romantic Suspense is the first book I wrote and sold.


    Detective Staff Sargeant ALEX NAUMOV, working for a Witness Protection Program division in Toronto, Canada, may be chivalrous, but his good manners don’t get in the way of getting the job done. He’s been protecting people since the age of six, when he was too young to save his father from a sudden, tragic death.[INTRO OF POV #1 CHARACTER] Assigned to relocate a client who’s identity has been compromised [INCITING INCIDENT], he soon discovers that VALERIE can be just as stubborn.

    Valerie is a spunky, sassy survivor. For the past five years, in her new life under witness protection, she’s built a successful bookkeeping business and connected with new friends. Yet, she still dreams of going home. [INTRO OF POV #2 CHARACTER] When Alex arrives on her doorstep with the news that the killer from her past knows who and where she is, she realizes she can’t give up everything again without a fight. She is determined to track the killer down herself. [REACTION TO INCITING INCIDENT]

    Given their polar opposite goals, neither Alex nor Valerie can understand the magnetic attraction that sparks between them—she’s a client and off limits, he’s a cop sent to mess up her life. However, when Valerie’s nightmares return, they soon find themselves in each other’s arms. Yet, Valerie’s need for Alex goes far beyond the physical contact she’s lived too long without. For the first time in five years, she is able to talk about the family that was erased from her life when she entered protection. [PRIMARY SET UP OF ROMANTIC PLOT NOTE INTERNAL & EXTERNAL ELEMENTS OF CONFLICT]

    As for Alex, he’s broken all the rules by kissing Valerie. And, for the first time in a long time, he sees his client as a real person, not just another job. That doesn’t make him any happier when his client sneaks out from under his watchful eye to go about her business. [PLOT POINT ATTACHED TO CHARACTER GROWTH]

    If Valerie had any doubts about Alex’s information, she soon learns that the danger is very real, very personal, and very close when she discovers a note containing the same threatening message as the one she received five years earlier.[TURNING POINT] Having nowhere to turn, she runs back to Alex. But, although she may need his protection for now, she has no intention of giving up so easily. [REACTION WITH CHARACTER MOTIVATION] When Alex encourages her to talk about the murder of her best friend and the subsequent threats that led to her entry into witness protection, Valerie decides this type of partnership will work to her advantage. [FURTHER GOAL]

    Faced with a wayward client, Alex’s protective instincts go into overdrive when a fake mugging leads him to a micro-transmitter hidden in Valerie’s computer case. The killer has been watching and his cover is blown. [MID PLOT POINT] Whisking her to a safe house, he continues digging into Valerie’s past, looking for any clue that will confirm his suspicions about the man on their trail.

    However, the more he learns, the closer he grows to this woman who cooks his meals and shares his bed, albeit platonically. Try as he might to keep the relationship at arms length and business-like, he can’t deny the passion between them. But, though he finally surrenders to one night of love, he truly believes that the only way he can keep ‘Faith’, Valerie’s real name, safe is to relocate her. [TRUNCATED PLOT POINTS WITH EMPHASIS ON ROMANTIC PLOT]

    As Valerie grows to love Alex and the stories he tells her of his family, she has a difficult time reconciling the bleak future he has planned for her with his searing kisses, which promise so much more. And, while she accepts their one night of lovemaking for what Alex believes it is, she is already planning to face the killer. [POV#2 CHARACTER’S ROMANTIC PLOT]

    Managing to elude Alex once again [TURNING POINT], Valerie meets FRASER LOGAN, a friend turned psychopath who murdered her best friend and stood by while his twin brother, and the best friend’s husband, was convicted of the crime. She soon realizes he intends to add her to the list because he believes she knows her best friend was pregnant with his child.

    Forced into a chase, Alex confronts Valerie and Fraser during a stand-off inside a busy subway station. Valerie is nearly killed when she plummets with Fraser onto the tracks just as the train races into the station. [CLIMAX]

    Rescued by Alex, Valerie is able to reclaim her original identity as ‘Faith’. Despite falling in love with his client, Alex offers to send Valerie home, fulfilling her dream of returning to the life she lost. [This is a large part of the STORY ?, which is now about to be resolved] But, Alex’s offer forces Valerie to face the old adage, ‘you can never go home’. She’s a different person from the scared, young woman of five years ago. She has a business, friends, and a man she desperately wants to spend the rest of her life with.

    In the end, Valerie, now called ‘Faith’, is surrounded by the family she once longed to have, and Alex has learned the value of keeping Faith in his life. [RESOLUTION]

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